Phirni: How to make Phirni with condensed milk at home – Phirni recipe

Namaste! Welcome to Anupma’s Kitchen. Today we shall learn, how to make Phirni, which is Rice Pudding.

Ingredients required for making Phirni

  • 1 Litre Milk
  • 300-350gm Milkmaid
  • 100g Basmati Rice
  • 2 tablespoons Almond And Pistachio Chopped
  • 1 tablespoon Rose Water

Phirni recipe with condensed milk

Let’s see the ingredients needed for making Phirni. We have a liter of milk here. 300 to 350 grams of condensed milk. One hundred grams of Basmati rice.

2 tablespoons of chopped almonds and pistachios. One tablespoon of rose water. Let’s start cooking. The first step is to boil the milk.

An essential tip for all of you is that if you wish to add condensed milk or sugar to the milk, then first boil the milk and then add anything. So first, let’s boil one liter of milk.

Meanwhile, I will give you some information about Basmati rice. We use rice to make Phirni, which is a very thick kheer. We got to wash the basmati rice and then spread it over a clean cloth and let it dry.

Then take less than half a teaspoon of clarified butter in a wok. Roast the rice in it for a while. Ensure that the rice grains don’t break. We want it to be whole. Once the rice cools down, grind it in the mixer to half crush it.

It should become grainy. We won’t be adding it all at one go. Add part by part while stirring the milk. We will take an entire tin of condensed milk. You may keep some aside if you want.

The tin is of 400 grams. We need about 300 to 350 grams. If you feel that the sweetness is less, you may add 2 to 3 spoons of sugar. We have chopped almonds and pistachios for the decoration or garnishing.

You may use silver foil if you prefer to. Let’s wait until the milk boils well. When the milk is boiling, we can now add the condensed milk to it. Keep stirring continuously after adding the condensed milk.

We have added condensed milk to the boiling milk. You may use sugar instead. Keep stirring so that the milk doesn’t stick to the bottom. We have basmati rice here. Add it part by part. Don’t add all at once.

Else it will become lumpy. We will cook it by adding rice part by part. The Phirni is ready now. Put off the flame and keep the pan aside.

Always keep in mind that we have boiled one liter of milk and added 350 grams of condensed milk to it. It was added to the boiling milk. Then we added basmati rice, which was washed and then dried on a clean cloth.

Later rice was roasted with a bit of clarified butter. Once the rice cooled down, we ground it in the mixer to a half crush. We made it grainy and then added to the boiling milk in parts after every 15 minutes.

You will need atleast an hour to make this dish. Don’t forget that if you are using non-stick cookware, then there’s no problem. If you are using an aluminium vessel, then you need to keep stirring every moment.

Else the milk and rice can stick to the bottom. Milk, rice, and condensed milk are prone to sticking at the bottom. When it is ready, the texture will be somewhat will become smooth. Keep stirring for a while.

We shall now pour some rose water in it. We will add some chopped almonds and pistachios in it and some for garnishing later. Keep stirring so that rice would break adequately.

One shouldn’t be able to identify the rice grains in it. Phirni is a beautiful recipe.

Such creamy recipes are served at weddings and functions and it can be easily made at home as well. There is no doubt about it. Let’s pour the Phirni in a serving bowl.

It is served in small earthen pots at weddings and functions. You have to eat it cold. You may decorate with a silver foil on top, or you may garnish with chopped almonds and pistachios as well.

Good quality silver foil is not readily available these days. Hence I suggest chopped almonds and pistachios. Transfer everything in the serving bowl.

The Phirni has to be filled to the brim. Even in small earthen pots, it is filled to the brim. Garnish with chopped almonds and pistachios.

The Phirni is ready. Allow it to set for a while. You may buy small earthen pots and place them in them and relish it heartily.

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Phirni: How to make Phirni with condensed milk at home – Phirni recipe

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