Nariyal ki barfi – Delicious Nariyal ki barfi recipe in English in two ways

We are going to prepare Nariyal ki Barfi in two ways

1) With Coconut powder

It’s very easy to make nariyal ki barfi. We can prepare it at any festival.

Let’s see what all ingredients are required to make Nariyal ki Barfi.

  • Coconut powder – 1 cup
  • Mawa  (Whole dried milk) – 1 cup(crumbled) or 200 grams
  • Sugar powder – 1 cup
  • Pistachios – 8- 10
  • Ghee – 1 tbsp

Firstly we will roast the coconut powder. Add coconut powder in the preheated pan. Roast it for 3-4 minutes. Take it out in a bowl, crumble the mawa and then roast it.

Roast till it colours changes to light brown. Keep the flame on medium. Turn off the gas and leave it for cooling. Meanwhile, cut pistachios. Add coconut powder in mawa.

Mix the ingredients nicely. Now add sugar powder in the mixture. The mixture is ready and now we will freeze it. Grease ghee on a plate. Garnish pistachios on the mixture.

Press the pistachios lightly. Now we will keep the mixture for cooling. Once it freezes, we will cut into pieces. Cut into pieces of your preference or cut into medium size pieces.

Nariyal ki barfi is ready. Serve this delicious and mouthwatering Nariyal ki barfi with your family and also you can share it with your friends.

Nariyal ki barfi – Delicious Nariyal ki barfi recipe in English in two ways

2) Nariyal ki barfi with fresh Coconut

I’m gonna tell you about one of the most loved barfis and commonly made Nariyal ki barfi in India which can be prepared at any kind of festival or occasion.

This is a very easy preparation with just a few ingredients which comes out really delicious and it’s the never-fail Indian sweet dessert.You can prepare at home and you will observe how moist it looks.

Guys today I won’t be using desiccated coconut for this instead, we will use freshly scraped coconut for an authentic and traditional taste. So let’s see how to prepare this yummy Nariyal ki barfi at home.

Ingredients required to make Nariyal ki Barfi

  • Two cups fresh Coconut
  • One cup Milk / 200 ml
  • One cup Sugar / 200 gms
  • 3-4 tbsp Milk powder
  • One tsp Cardomom powder
  • One tsp Ghee

Preparation of Nariyal ki Barfi with fresh Coconut

So let’s take a fresh Coconut and remove the skin and then cut this into small pieces. Then we are going to put this into the blender or the mixer or if you want you can also use a food processor for this.

Blend this for a while to make a coarse mixture out of it. Blend this just for a while and you can see it looks like grainy texture. If you want you can also grate it as well using a thin grater but I prefer doing it in a blender because it’s a very easy option.

Next, we’ll roast this fresh coconut in a pan just for about 1 to 2 minutes to remove the excess moisture out of it. Do this on low to medium flame.

We are using this fresh coconut for that authentic and traditional taste but if you don’t want to do this and it becomes difficult for you to do this then you can use a ready-made desiccated coconut here for a quick and easier option.

Next to this, we are going to add in the milk and mix. Let it cook and boil along with the milk for about 1 to 2 minutes. After cooking the coconut in the boiling milk for about 2 to 3 minutes then we’ll add in the sugar and then again mix well.

After adding the sugar, the sugar will leave some water at this point in time. So keep cooking and mixing it on low to medium flame for about six to eight minutes or until you see the mixture becoming slightly dry and leaving the sides of the pan.

So after cooking for about 4 to 5 minutes, keep stirring it continuously and when you see it’s almost becoming dry we will add in the milk powder over here for extra richness and creaminess.

This is totally optional and if you want you can also use some condensed milk also but I personally like to add this milk powder to the Nariyal ki barfi.

So I would suggest you guys add little milk powder to it for that nice creamy texture. Mix that as well for a while and then we will add in some cardamom powder and again mix.

Keep cooking the mixture for some more time to get a thick mixture out of it, say about for another 5 to 6 more minutes.

So now you will see it’s become little lumpy and it has started to leave the sides of the pan. Also once it becomes little lumpy next we are going to add in a little ghee and again mix well and let it cook just for a minute.

We will be adding ghee because it gives little flavour and the Nariyal ki barfi look nice and smooth on top. Now you will observe that it has come to a good consistency.

Do not overcook it otherwise it will become very dry and you won’t be able to make barfis out of it. For the right texture and consistency it will almost take 15 to 17 minutes to come.

Final preparation of Nariyal ki Barfi

Now switch off the flame. Take a container, grease it and line it with a butter paper. Now we are going to transfer the mixture into it and even it out all over on the top with the help of a spoon or spatula to get a good shaped Nariyal ki barfi out of it.

It will be nice and smooth on top. Leave it to cool at room temperature for about one to two hours. After about two hours no need of setting this into the fridge otherwise the texture will change. After two hours it’s set enough.

You will see it has nicely set. Now we will be going to garnish it with some Silver vark on top so that it looks more festive.

Use of Siver vark is totally optional. So you can see it’s looking so lovely. It’s looking just like the ones you get in the market.

Then we will cut this into the desired pieces. We will be cutting it into square-shaped pieces. After cutting them into square pieces we will garnish them with a few pistachios on top. It will look beautiful with colourful pistachio, Silver vark and white vase at the bottom.

It’s perfect for any kind of occasion or festival. You can observe the texture is quite moist and juicy, just like the ones you get from the market.

Now the delicious and mouthwatering Nariyal ki barfi is ready to serve. Serve it to your family members or share it with your friends.

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