Mysore Pak: How to make Mysore Pak – Mysore Pak recipe in English

Welcome to Anupma’s kitchen. Here we are going to learn how to make Mysore Pak.

Ingredients required to make Mysore Pak:

  • One cup – Ghee
  • One cup – Vanaspati Oil
  • One and half cup – Gram flour
  • Two Cups Sugar
  • Half cup – water

Mysore Pak recipe

To make this Mysore Pak take the gram flour, add some oil on its top, and then mix it. One thing is you’re able to make this mixture very nicely with the besan.

It will help dissolve your sugar mixture well because we’re going to make sugar into a nice thick consistency where it will be a soft thread stage.

After mixing it, take a sieve and sieve this flour because you don’t want any lumps while making Mysore Pak. Whenever you prepare Mysore Pak, take two containers. In one container, we are going to heat oil.

We need boiling oil. We are going to prepare it with half of the ghee and half of oil. In another container, we will take two cups of sugar and add half a water cup to it.

It is because we are going to bring it with soft thread consistency. While you’re preparing this, make sure you have some paper towels or towels that are available because we will deal with a lot of heat.

Because we’re going to make this sugar and at the same time the oil is so hot that you know while you’re pouring, the spoon also gets hot. So use a spoon with a long handle.

For this lot of people, you know when they make, they use big Kadai. If you’re going to use a nonstick pan, use a really big one to easily make this Mysore Pak. Make sure to take some little bit of water in a bowl.

This bowl of water is required because you want to check the consistency of the sugar syrup. The sugar syrup consistency is also critical because this Mysore Pak happens in a frame of 15 seconds.

If you do before, the Mysore Pak will be flat and will not get Mysore Pak with holes. If you take it a little longer, your Mysore Pak will be dark brown, and it will be burnt. So, a 15-second time frame is crucial.

We will discuss, and we will understand what is how to get that 15-second time frame. If you have a lot of moisture in this, you’ll get a burfi and not a Mysore Pak.

When you pour this syrup into the water, it should go and settle down, and you should be able to make kind of a small ball. You will observe much bubbles are coming. That is very important.

You know these bubbles are the ones when you add besan into it. These bubbles and this besan in the mixture becomes a paste, and it won’t let these bubbles come out and burst.

So easily those bubbles will form into the small holes when you make Mysore Pak. Now, this mixture is ready because this goes and settles down in the water.

There is another way you can check the consistency of sugar syrup. You can touch the syrup with your finger. It will be hot, be careful. If we pull, you should be able to see that string coming.

The mixture is then ready, and now this is the time you’re going to add your Besan. Add little by little and mix it. You will observe too much of foam-forming because, in this mixture, we have added a little bit of oil in it before.

It won’t allow forming of lumps, and it’ll mix nicely. The heat that is there in this mixture also helps it in getting cooked. You must know that this mixture doesn’t get burned.

Keep mixing it, and you can observe that there are absolutely no lumps in this. That is the way you’re supposed to cook this mixture, and you can see small bubbles coming.

On the other side, our oil is also very hot. Just keep adding oil a little bit and keep mixing it. This hot oil is doing as soon as it gets in contact with this paste, which is a little bit raw, it cooks this immediately.

With the spoon’s help, make sure you mix this mixture properly so that this oil gets dissolved inside this. At the same time, the bubbles keep coming from the bottom.

Keep adding the oil and then, at the same time, mixing it, and at the same time, the whole mixture is getting hot. If the foam goes down, then the Mysore Pak won’t be good.

Just keep mixing, do not get panic; all this foam is what will create the holes. It would be best if you did not allow to stick it anywhere. If it sticks, then you have a problem.

As soon as you observe the color-changing, then put off the flame and quickly transfer it in a tray. Do not press anything on the top. The heat that is there inside is good enough for our Mysore Pak.

It will immediately, in less than a few seconds, it will start becoming hard. Mysore Pak is all cooked, and it is setting up.

It’s going to take another 10 minutes by the time this mixture will be ready and all set for you to cut into small pieces. After around 10 minutes, you can just run the knife, remove the pieces slowly, and arrange it.

Now our Mysore Pak is ready. Cut them into small pieces. You will observe that the exterior is a light color, and the interior is a darker color. That is what happens to the Mysore Pak when you remove it at the perfect time.

When you poured it in a tray, the top layer and the bottom layer will remain light color because it cools down faster. Inside, the heat is still there, and it is cooking; that is why you get the darker color in the center.

While eating Mysore Pak, it should break and melt quickly in the mouth. If we add too much sugar, the Mysore Pak will become a little bit rock hard, and the aeration doesn’t happen.

If you remove too early, the mixer will be soft, and it will be like burfi and not Mysore Pak. Our delicious and mouth-watering Mysore Pak is ready to serve.

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Mysore Pak: How to make Mysore Pak - Mysore Pak recipe in English

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