Lauki ki barfi: Lauki ki barfi recipe – How to make Lauki ki barfi

Hello Friends. Welcome to Anupma’s kitchen. Here we will learn how to make Lauki ki Barfi / Bottle Guard Barfi. Friends, as much as Lauki is healthy, its barfi is equally tasty, and it is easy to make also. We will make 1.25 kg Lauki barfi from only 1 kg full cream milk’s mawa.

Ingredients required to make Lauki ki barfi:

  • 900 gm – Lauki (Bottle Gourd)
  • 400 gm – Sugar
  • 250 gm – Mawa (Whole dry milk)

Lauki ki Barfi recipe

So let’s start with the most comfortable way of making them. First, we are taking Lauki, which is near to 900 gm. You can take either round one or the long one.

Now we have to grate these Lauki. We will take grater with wide holes. After grating, we will squeeze it properly.

There should not be any water in it. We can use these Lauki water. Its Lauki’s Juice. We can drink it as its healthy. Now we will place Kadai (Wok) on the mid flame on a gas.

Add 2 -3 spoons ghee in it. We have to roast Lauki/gourd in this ghee for 4 to 5 minutes. We want to make it drier. After that, we will add sugar to it. Here we have taken 400 gms of sugar.

So keep in mind 900 gm Lauki / Gourd and 400 gm of sugar we have added in it. Now, as we mix sugar in it, it will start leaving the water. It will become watery. We will stir it.

We need not stir it continuously because it contains lots of water and we have taken aluminium Kadai. It will not stick to the bottom.

Now we will add a little green food colour. It is optional, and you can skip it. It will give only look to the dish, and the taste will be unaltered. Here we will add just little of it.

We will keep stirring it in every 2 to 3 minutes. We have to make it dry (with no sugar water). With sugar water in it, our barfi will not be hard enough to cut. So We will keep the flame on till all the moisture is gone.

To identify when its all moisture is gone or not, shift it at one side. If water is released, then sugar water is still there.

We will stir it more on mid flame, with time it will become transparent. It takes around 10 to 15 minutes to make it dry on a medium flame.

Now we’ll get it down from the gas and add Cardamom powder in it. Let it cool to medium-hot. We have mawa from 1.25 lt milk which is around 250 gms. Now we will add the mawa in Lauki.

Please keep in mind our Lauki should not be very cold here. It should be medium hot. Our mawa is on room temperature, and Lauki should be medium hot. Otherwise, our mawa will not mix in it properly.

Mix the mawa in it properly. Now take a tray and grease it with ghee. We will pour all the mixture in this tray. Keep in mind; it should be a little hot here. Spread it evenly in this tray.

Now we will garnish it with pista. You can add almonds, chironjee (soft pistachio), cashew or any other dry fruit you like. You will observe that it is looking incredible, yummy and tasty.

Cut it when it is little soft. Our delicious and mouth-watering Lauki ki barfi is ready to serve. Do share your precious comment in the comment box. It will help us to improve further.

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Lauki ki barfi: Lauki ki barfi recipe - How to make Lauki ki barfi

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