Laddu: How to make Besan ke laddu – Besan ke laddu recipe in English

Hello Friends, Welcome to Anupma’s kitchen. At the time of festivals, most children come to the home and we would like to make Besan ke laddu for them. Besan ke Laddu is such a thing that can be made from the commonly used ingredients easily.

Ingredients required to make Besan ke Laddu:-

  • Gram Flour – 2 cup
  • Sugar powder – 1 cup
  • Ghee – 1/2 cup
  • Cardamom powder – 1/2 tsp
  • Dry Fruits – Small amount

Besan Ke Laddu recipe

So today, we will learn to make, which is generally made by Halwayi (Confectioners), i.e., Daanedar Besan ke Laddu, a delicious Indian sweet. I will tell you many things about gram flour.

You can take the gram flour of good quality from the right place, take the thick gram flour. If you don’t trust the grade, then don’t take the thick gram flour from anywhere. Make the gram flour at home.

We have to use a particular type of gram flour for making these laddus. If you touch it, you will feel some granules in it. Like when we grind the rice flour, it also has some granules.

In the same way, there will be some granules in the gram flour. So how to make it granulous? I will let you know that. First of all, we will start roasting it as it will take time and till then I will tell you about the gram flour.

Here we have taken 2 cups of gram flour and 1.5 cups of Boora Sugar. You can take refined sugar as well. The ratio mostly considers the quantity of ghee will be half to the amount of gram flour.

We will use one cup of ghee. But if you are taking pure homemade ghee, then take an only half cup. 1/2 cup of it in 2 cups of gram flour, it is the perfect ratio.

It would be best if you tried it. If you are taking vanaspati ghee, then take 1 cup of it. We will not put all of that in the pan. We will use the remaining ghee later.

When the ghee starts heating, keep the flame at low and then put gram flour slowly-slowly in it. It is so easy to make Laddus.

Only it will take some more time because we have to make it on the low flame. We will roast it on low to medium flame so that the besan ke laddus will become perfect.

After roasting it for 2-3 mins, put the remaining ghee in it. It will look dry. As much as it will get roasted, it will release the ghee, and it will become so perfect.

You can see the lumps in it. While roasting it, we have to make it lumps free. When it gets roasted, we have to add 1 tbsp of water in it and after adding water in it, stir it. Don’t turn the flame on high.

You will observe foam in it. After adding water, we have to mix it for 2-3 mins. Now we will turn off the flame. In a big utensil, put the gram flour in it to cool down quickly.

When we will add sugar to it, then what should be its temperature be?

Don’t add sugar to it at this time. When its temperature is like that, we will touch it with a finger and touch it easily. Then only we will put sugar in it. At this time, we will also add 1/2 tsp of Cardamom Powder.

The sugar used by the confectioners in it put 1.5 cups of sugar in 2 cups of gram flour. Here we will put only 1 cup of sugar because my family members don’t like too much sweetness.

I have put here 1/2 cup of Boora Sugar. Now I have put the remaining sugar in it. Kindly do not add more ghee to it. In starting, we feel like that the ghee is less.

We find difficulties in roasting it, but there will be no problem using pure homemade ghee. If we will use impure ghee purchased from the market, then it is a different thing.

We will then start binding the laddus in a round shape by using our palms of both hands. Our amazing daanedar (granulous) Laddu is ready now.

You will observe that our dannedar laddus are the same and shiny as made by confectioners. All those qualities are there in these laddus.

Now we will decorate it with the chopped Pistachios. However, there is no need for anything extra in besan ke laddu as this laddu is very much tasty in itself.

If we do not decorate it with anything, then also it will be so tasty. In this way, besan ke laddus are ready now.

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Laddu: How to make Besan ke laddu - Besan ke laddu recipe in English

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