Kalakand: Kalakand recipe – How to make Kalakand with Khoya

How to prepare a perfect recipe of kalakand with Khoya

Kalakand: Kalakand recipe – How to make Kalakand with Khoya

Kalakand – Homemade sweets are something that we all love and enjoy. Now, this is something that reminded me of sweets that I used to buy in sweet stalls. This is a great recipe that I have really created for you guys and with this magical ingredient of milk and sugar. So let’s get started and check out the recipe.

Making of Chenna for Kalakand

So the first step is to make the chenna (The milk acid coagulum after filtration) for the kalakand. For this, we have to take 500 ml of milk. This is full cream milk. Bring the milk to a boil. So once the milk comes to a boil reduce the flame. Squeeze the juice of one lemon so this will curdle the milk and form the chenna. Boil it for a few minutes turn off the stove so you can see you have this lovely chenna. Milk has curdled. Strain it and just pour some fresh water to remove the lemony flavor or the sour taste of it.

Making of Khoya for Kalakand

The next step is to make the khoya or the khoa that is the milk fudge. For this take a pan and take one litter of full cream milk. Bring it to a boil. Make sure you keep stirring the milk so that it doesn’t stick to the bottom or get burnt.

Maintain the flame on a medium-high and keep stirring it till it reduces considerably. The milk is gradually reducing, it’s becoming nice and thick and all the cream is forming.

Here make sure you scrape off all the cream that’s sticking to the pan on the sides. After it, you will notice that the milk has reduced beautifully. It’s become nice thick and creamy.

Preparation of Kalakand

Now before the khoya thickens and becomes very dry, add the chenna to it. So once the excess moisture is evaporated add about half a cup of ghee. Reduce the flame to a medium and keep mixing.

After adding the ghee and mixing it for about five minutes add one cup of sugar. This is a 250 ml cup. To this add a few strands of saffron, some cardamom powder. Continue to keep mixing.

So if you want to remove it at this point you can remove it and set it in a tray or let the sugar to be a little more caramelized. For lovely golden brown color, leave it on for a few more minutes. Now the kalakand mixture is ready.

Now take a tray and grease it with ghee from all the sides. Transfer the mixture which has attained a lovely caramel color. Transfer it to the tray while the mixture is still hot before it cools down completely. Gently press it into the tray.

Let the mixture set on the tin tray. Just take a quarter teaspoon of ghee and spread over on top. Just even it out on all sides. Trust me it’s going to absorb all the ghee and once it cools down completely you’ll wonder where all the ghee disappeared.

Now top it with some mixed nuts pistachios, almonds and some melon seeds. You can add cashew nuts and walnuts also or whatever you please.

Gently press it so that it settles down nicely on top of it. Let it rest for about one to two hours till it sets perfectly then you can mark it and cut it into pieces.

Now the delicious and mouth-watering rich and fudgy color Kalakand with all those nuts on top is ready to serve and eat. I am sure you and your family will love it. Enjoy the dish.

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