Kaju ki barfi – Nice and delicious homemade Kaju ki Barfi Indian sweets

Making of mixture and dough of Kaju ki barfi

Kaju ki barfi – Nice and delicious homemade Kaju ki Barfi Indian sweets

Have you ever tried making Kaju ki barfi the most loved sweets which is the delicious and mouthwatering all season sweet? Take 1 and 1/2 cup of cashew nuts which and grind them to a nice fine powder.

When you’re grinding the cashew nuts don’t grind it for more than 5 seconds each time. Because sometimes what happens is with the heat and the moisture the powder can get a little lumpy and a little sticky.

Keep grinding it for 5 to 10 seconds every time till we get a fine powder. When we are done than pass this powder of cashew nut through a sieve so that we don’t have any lumps in it. This takes a little time but trust me, in the end, the result is fantastic.

So for the sugar syrup, we have to take 90 ml of water and to this water, we are going to add 3/4 cup of sugar. Now we are going to melt the sugar on a high flame. When the sugar has melted and the syrup is boiling we have to add half a teaspoon of green cardamom powder.

Also, we are going to add two teaspoons of rosewater and a few saffron strands that will give a lovely color to our Kaju ki barfi. The syrup is boiling already. Now we have to reduce the flame to a low and add the cashew powder to it.

Also, we are going to add two teaspoons of ghee to this and we have to cook this on a low flame till it forms into a nice lump and does not stick to the sides of the vessel. Now you will see that the mixture is cooked and it has taken good 15 to 20 minutes to cook.

You will observe that it’s also leaving the sides. So now let’s shut the flame and let this cool down for a bit. Till we are waiting for the mixture to cool down slightly let’s grease a 6-inch tray with a little bit of ghee.

Flattening of dough on the tray

When the mixture has cooled down, take half a teaspoon of ghee and rub it onto your hands. Now we have to knead this mixture gently for a few seconds.

When we have completed the kneading work, spread this dough on the tray which we have already greased with our hands. You will see that the lovely fragrance of rosewater and saffron are coming from the dough.

Make sure you spread it evenly because we want the thickness to be the same. After you have flattened this well you can add Silver leaves (Chandi vark) on top of this. Wait for the mixture/dough to completely cool down.

When the mixture is cooled down completely, let’s cut it into a diamond shape. First, start removing the sides and then gently scoop out each Kaju ki barfi. You will see, how beautiful and soft these have turned out. Now, this Kaju ki barfi is ready to serve. Enjoy this with your family.

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