Jalebi – How to make nice and delicious Jalebi at home, Indian sweets

Jalebi – How to make nice and delicious Jalebi at home, Indian sweets

To make the perfect Jalebi that is crispy from out, filled with syrup from inside and juicy and does not get soggy at all and of course, is better than the market ones.

I’m going to tell a little more about it. In the last year, I have tried almost every way to make a Jalebi, be it the traditional way using some yogurt and keeping for 24 hours with curd and baking soda or with only baking soda even with a portion of Urad dal and plain as well but no luck.

Again tried with the instant way by using baking soda and baking powder, using yeast, using Eno, using baking soda and citric acid using a little bit of Urad dal as well but again no luck.

After numerous, numerous attempts, here is my perfect recipe for you all that is in fact much better than the market ones because there is nothing like eating a piping hot jalebi straight from the pan.

I believe there are two kinds of Jalebis that the halwais/sweet maker make, one is a culture kind that something we make daily at home, and the other one is something like I am going to tell you today.

It is very easy to make jalebi. Just a little tricky but I’ll try to explain as much as possible. So let us start making the Jalebis now.

The ingredients needed for making Jalebi are:

  • Flour – One Cup
  • Sugar – Two Cups
  • Rangkat/Hydro – A pinch
  • Baking powder – 1/2 tsp
  • Cream of tartar – 1/4 tsp or Lemon 2-3
  • Kesar food colour as desired
  • Oil/Ghee to fry

Making of syrup for Jalebi

For making syrup we are going to take two cups of sugar in a saucepan along with which we are going to add in 3/4 cup of water.

Now we are going to heat this up. This recipe doesn’t require much fermentation or something like that, this is a kind of instant recipe.

So that is the reason we have heated the sugar syrup at the first. So we are going to just stir the sugar syrup.

We are going to wait for the sugar syrup to get a rolling boil. What I will suggest is, do not add any flavourings until and unless you have got the perfect results.

I myself don’t add any flavourings because it is super heavenly as it is. By flavourings, I mean the rosewater cardamom and so on.

Now it looks like our sugar syrup has got a rolling boil and by the colour itself, you can judge that the sugar syrup is a little dirty so I am going to add in a little bit of milk to this.

If your sugar syrup is dirty then only add it otherwise you can skip it, Just add about two to three tablespoons of milk.

Lower the flame a little bit that all the dirt comes up and then we can skim it off. When the syrup is clear we are going to add in colour to this, Kesar food colour/Saffron food colour.

You can also add a little bit of saffron if you wish. Now you will observe that the syrup is ready. If you wish to taste it you can definitely taste it.

We do not want any thick threads. We just want a very thin syrup but not watery thin. About one string consistency would be perfect. By the way, you can also use 50/50 of jaggery and sugar if you wish.

Switch off the flame and add in a little bit of cream of tartar. You can also add in lemon wedges if you wish.

We are going to sprinkle a little bit of cream of tartar, you can also squeeze in a little bit of lemon juice or a pinch of citric acid. Now the sugar syrup is ready.

Making of batter for Jalebi

Now let’s make the batter. What makes this Jalebis perfect is this hydro or Rangkat. Just a pinch of it is valuable in this recipe.

It is very easily available in most grocery stores and baking supply stores. We will just add in a pinch of this and you can see the magic, So let us start making the batter.

Now we are going to take about a third of a cup of water in the bowl and add a pinch of hydro which mixes really well. To it, we are going to add in one cup of plain flour.

We want a very stiff and very thick batter at the first. If the mixture is just a little bit dry then add in just about one and a half to two tablespoons of water.

We should be very careful about the amounts of water. This can turn into a watery mess otherwise it may look like thick at first but it is going to go very flowy.

So right now you can observe that this is a kind of a paste but we are going to knead it or rotate it with our hand for about five minutes until it becomes flowy.

The consistency is a little difficult to explain but have you ever seen a halwai/sweet maker making these when he presses the batter it flows out in a single string or it flows out slowly and when he stops the pressure it stops.

Now our batter is ready for making Jalebis. To this, we are going to add baking powder, about half a teaspoon. You will observe a lot of aviation or air bubbles before adding the baking powder. Mix it well. Now the batter is ready.

Preparation of Jalebi

Let us fill a piping bag. You can also use a ziplock bag or a ketchup bottle if you wish to or you can get a stitch cloth for yourself. In the piping bag let us add the batter.

Only add about half at first. To make a Jalebi it is advisable to use a frying pan with about half an inch of oil in it.

I have made Jalebis in oil and ghee both but I prefer to make them in oil. The temperature is very crucial here. If your oil or ghee is very hot, you will not be able to make the shapes and if it is cold it is not going to be good.

Now we will snip the bottom of this piping bag. Be careful do not simply snip it too much because you cannot make it smaller than and it is also your hand’s pressure which makes the Jalebi base thicker or thinner.

Before shaping your Jalebis make sure your syrup is warm. Neither hot nor cold along with that make sure you have at least one and a half to two inches of syrup in your pan or a bowl otherwise you will be sugarcoating your Jalebis and not making the syrup go inside the Jalebis.

As soon as you take out Jalebis from hot oil, transfer it quickly to sugar syrup bowl and press it. If you will not do so then the Jalebis will only be sugar-coated.

You have to be patient and shape the jalebis and cook them in medium flame. Cook until most of the bubbles are gone.

You need to have at least one and a half to two inches of syrup in your pan. If the syrup cools down while you are making more Jalebis, you can just reheat a little bit and make sure it is warm always.

When you take them out from the syrup, you can literally feel they’re crispy and there’s the juice inside.

Now the delicious and mouthwatering Jalebi is ready to serve. Serve it to your family members and you can also share it with your friends

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