Raksha Bandhan recipe – Ghevar, How to make Ghevar at home easily

Raksha Bandhan recipe – Ghevar, How to make Ghevar at home easily

Preparation of Ghevar

Raksha Bandhan recipe – Ghevar, How to make Ghevar at home easily

Ingredients needed for making Ghevar:

  • Flour – 1 1/2 Cup
  • Pinch of turmeric
  • 2 tablespoon milk
  • One glass of Water

For making sugar syrup we need:

  • 1 Cup of Sugar
  • 1/2 Cup of water
  • Some pistachio and strands of Saffron for garnishing

Making of batter for Ghevar

First, we have to prepare our batter. For that, we will first take all-purpose flour and then we will add ghee to it. You can take more or less ghee according to the consistency. Make sure that all your ingredients are at room temperature. Mix it well.

Stir it continuously for at least ten minutes until it becomes like a creamy batter. Now start adding milk into it and then again stir it well. Now we are going to add water. So when you adding water just go for little by little.

First, add little water then mix it well then again add little water. You will get a good consistency in your batter. Now to this batter you have to add turmeric. You can even add food color. If you want. You can go for any, we just need color.

Mix it well. Now your final batter is ready with a good thin and flowy consistency. Heat the ghee in a pan on a stove. Make sure the pan in which ghee is heating has a good heavy bottom. Put or drop some batter into it after it gets heated.

If the batter is spreading then it is good and if not then there is something wrong with your batter. Now we are going to prepare our Ghevar. What you need to do is drop the batter very slowly into the ghee. Just drop little by little and slowly.

Drop it slowly and you will see the formation of net-like structure. It should be dropped little by little in the center. Stop for some time and then drop it again. Repeat this process again and again. Make a hole in the center with a spoon or fork.

Make sure the ghee is hot. Keep heating it on high flame. You will see that batter is spreading side by side nicely. Keep on pouring the batter till it gets completed. Press the batter from the top with help of spoon so that the top portion also gets cooked.

You will see that the batter is getting brown from outside. It means it is cooking well. When the whole of it is getting brown then cook it for half a minute in low flame.

Now the Ghevar is ready. Take it out. Keep it on stainer so that excess ghee gets drained out. Keep it like that for half an hour. You will see that it is round in shape and crispy.

Now we will prepare sugar syrup for Ghevar

Take about one cup of sugar. Put it in a pan having half cup of water and heat it on a medium flame. Now the sugar syrup is ready. The consistency of syrup should of half strain when you check it with your finger. Add some food color and saffron threads to give it color and flavor.

Now pour this sugar syrup evenly on Ghevar. Keep it for ten minutes till the syrup gets soaked. If you want to make one Ghevar then take one cup of sugar.

If needed more then increase the quantity respectively. Garnish the Ghevar with pistachios on top. The delicious and mouth-watering Ghevar is ready. Enjoy with your family.

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